We offer many different dance classes for all ages and styles! Our instructors lead educational, active and engaging lessons for all of our students! Unsure of what style of dance interests you? Read below or e-mail us for more information.


3 and 4 year olds

A creative introduction to the world of music and movement in an organized and fun class once a week for 45 minutes.  We keep our little feet moving with introductory exercises taught in a less formal circle format.  Instructors introduce the basic elements of stretching feet, legs, using demi-pointe, use of arms and head in creative and fun exercises. Kinderdance is a fantastic introduction to dance with a ballet focus.


Movement in a circle consists of ballet skips, marches, gallops and running on demi-pointe.  Patterning is encouraged through movement on the diagonal and working as a group to create one pattern and transition to another position on the stage.


Songs used are age appropriate and fun and classes are taught with the little ones likes and interests in mind! Special theme weeks are always a hit with the kinderdancers. The instructors and assistants are very caring individuals who truly love to work with our youngest stars at the Academy.



5 years +


 Following the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D.) for 5 years +. This internationally known training format is an excellent way to learn ballet but also provides a fantastic base for learning all other styles of dance. Classes consist of barre, center practice and enchainments to link steps together and develop an understanding of patterning on stage.

For students 12+ who have demonstrated a strong development in ballet skills, pointe is offered. Pointe is the ultimate goal for ballet dancers and requires great balance and control. Classes are progressive and focus on further development of ballet technique.



6 years +

Traditional Jazz is introduced to dancers 6 years +who enjoy movement to current upbeat music. Classes focus on flexibility, rhythm, technical dance steps and adding 'style' into dance.

Dancers are given combinations on a weekly basis to help develop a strong ability to link steps together, understand patterning on stage and work with other dancers on stage.

Jazz is a fun, upbeat class for all dancers. Students will work on improving flexibility, perfecting those double turns and soaring in their leaps.  


Hip Hop

7 years+

An exciting style of dance for dancers 7+that focuses on isolated and fluid body movements and teaches dancers how to really perform on stage.

Our instructors are fun, energetic and are full of creative ideas for this popular style of dance. They are also up to eager to provide the best and most current choreography styles and moves for our dancers.

Students focus on learning to use their body, movement and rhythm to age appropriate hip hop music.




10 years +

  For dancers who participate in ballet lessons, lyrical classes encompass a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. Students are taught how to interpret music and how to present that through dance.

Classes focus on musicality, flexibility and technique and give dancers an opportunity to connect with their audience and the ability to share  emotions through dance.

Instructors have creative, contemporary ideas that allows dancers to really shine up on stage.


Musical Theatre

7 years +

A very popular and fun dance class for ages 7+ that encourages students to “act out” the lyrics of a popular song by lip syncing and dancing. Classes teach students basic performance (acting) skills as well as dance and lip synch techniques.

Song choices are often from broadway musicals, previous performances include songs from the The Wizard of Oz, Hairspray, Annie, Rock of Ages, Matilda and so many more.

 The children have a lot of fun showing off their personality through the music and movement. Musical theatre is a great opportunity to show off acting and dancing in one performance.



7 Years +

Tap classes offer an upbeat and energetic approach to dance! Using sounds from tap shoes to create rhythm, tap is all about the sounds.

Dancers focus on rhythm, coordination and basic technique while making spectacular sounds with their feet.

Classes are taught progressively, helping students develop agility and rhythmic skills while having fun at the same time.